Who We Are

Leading Everyone to Participate in Africa (LEPA) is an initiative that seeks to highlight, catalyze and reinforce the agency of Africans in Africa and in the Diasporas in finding contextual and lasting solutions to issues that affect us all. LEPA is an overarching plan-of-action for the realization of the rights of girls, the active participation of African youth in all levels of civil society and the building of stronger relationships between Africans in the Diaspora and those on the continent. To this end, LEPA aims to shatter stereotypes, connect our history with our lived experiences, promote peace/security, and engender  a sense of investment for African peoples in themselves and in  their  own communities

Our Vision

LEPA envisions an Africa united in all fronts, in terms of both it’s people and geographies,  at home and abroad to advance the rights of its people, promote and practice the inclusive participation of all persons with a particular focus on girls/women, children, the elderly and Persons With Disabilities (PWD) at all levels of civil society. LEPA hopes to create a truly sovereign continent and a global village of resources in health, human, economic, political and social capital.

Our Mission

To empower, inspire, mentor, and build the leadership capacity of African and Diasporan Youth.

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