The Team

Deborah Dauda (Founder/Director)

Deborah is a mother, an educator, dancer, and activist from Nigeria, with graduate degrees from the Fielding School of Public Health (MPH; Global Health) and the International Institute (MA;  African Studies-Refugee Education and Health) at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).  She is a Fela Kuti and Angelique Kidjo Aficionado with keen interest and passion for Africa’s progress on matters relating to education, social inclusion, maternal/child health, peace-building, and youth development. Deborah has worked and volunteered with organizations in West/East Africa, South America, South Asia, and the United States, as a consultant, coordinator, writer,  and choreographer. She currently works in San Francisco, CA and volunteers for the Red Elephant Foundation on civilian peace-building activities. When she isn’t working, she is keeping up with her awesome son and brainstorming/ mapping out ideas on how to make Africa’s social, political, and economic sovereignty a reality.

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